Exhibition of Products and Technologies achieving WELLーBEING  

From materials to sensing technology and robotics, product and service developers will gather under the single perspective of "well-being", transcending the boundaries of existing industries.
The goal is to realize a well-being society by providing a venue for collaboration among companies.

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Attention! Planning Area
Wellbeing Lab
Hands-on Exhibits, Talk Sessions, Lounge *Japanese Only

A combined exhibition, talk session, and lounge area that is a must-see for those involved in new business development and product/service development. Experience a wellbeing exhibition experience at the Welltech Stage, where hands-on products and services are exhibited and daily talk sessions with guests are held!

ASKUL × GREEN MATERIAL Collaboration Project *Japanese Only

"What is WELL-BEING?"
Talk session video, now available! *Japanese Only

The series of videos, navigated by Planning Committee Chair Mr. Watanabe, delve into the specific research and initiatives of each committee member and well-being! Please take a look!

ASKUL × GREEN MATERIAL Collaboration Project *Japanese Only

ASKUL × GREEN MATERIAL Collaboration Project *Japanese Only

Why not promote material recycling in action? Please bring your used clear holders with you when you visit the exhibition.

the Latest Information

2024. 02. 02
Handling of Information Data when Using PCs for Outputting Badges before Entering the Exhibition Hall*Japanese Only
2024. 01. 23
Press Release 1: Inaugural "WELL BEING TECHNOLOGY" with 40 booths from 44 companies and organizations
~Materials and Information Technology for a Prosperous Society

Press Release #2: More than 250 of Japan's best technologies and products for a decarbonized society
Functional x Sustainable Manufacturing: Green Materials and neo functional material
 *Japanese Only 
2024. 01. 18
7th Talk Session
Robot Friendly" open to the public to achieve coexistence between humans and robots
 *Japanese Only 

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2024. 01. 17
Next show; Jan. 29th-31th, 2025      Click here to join as a exhibitor.
2023. 12. 25
*Japanese Only  第6回トークセッション
「はたらく を支えるテクノロジー」公開
Dec. 01, 2023.
2023. 11. 21
*Japanese Only  5th Talk Session
Brain Science Unlocking Well-Being" open to the public
2023. 10. 25
2023. 9. 20
2023. 8. 21
2023. 7. 31
●確実に成果を上げる展示会活用術: パート① パート② パート③
●展示会出展に“使える”補助金: パート① パート②
2023. 7. 26
プレスリリース!【展示会 初開催記念】 What is WELL-BEING?
業界横断トークセッション 全7回 スタート! ~まちづくり、触覚技術の情報化、ロボティクス、脳科学など~
2023. 7. 12
The site URL (domain) of the exhibition website (this site) has been changed.
2023. 5. 10
サイトを公開しました。WELL-BEING TECHNOLOGYについての詳細はこちらから
同時開催展「CONVERTECH / 新機能性材料展 / GREEN MATERIAL / 3DECOtech」についての詳細はこちらから


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